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Star Trek BeyondStar Trek Beyond: and Multicultural Community. In this fiftieth anniversary production we are finally set free from re-treading and twisting previous plots, as it recreates the essence of the original, whilst also providing audiences something new and relevant to consider about the multicultural ideal of Starfleet.


Independence Day Resurgence 2Independence Day Resurgence: and Community. This is a fictional story in which a global community works together for the common good. Could this be possible in the real world? Perhaps, as we all work through the implications of the outcome of the EU referendum, we might watch this piece of cinematic art and reflect on the questions it raises.

Me Before YouMe Before You: and Life. This film has stirred a great deal of controversy. Many of the protests have focused on the last fifteen minutes of the film, and what this conveys about the value of life. To engage with that debate, we must consider the framework of the rest of the story, and it may be helpful to set that in the context of different philosophical approaches to life through the ages.


eyeinthesky_article_image-1Eye in the Sky: and Moral Dilemmas. Eye in the Sky is an unmissable, morally tense, thriller. First and foremost, it is cinematic art that grabs and holds your attention from start to finish. But it’s also much more than that. As the tension rises with every scene, so does the complexity of the moral questions it raises.


batman-vs-superman_article_image (1)Batman v Superman: and the Philosophy of Religion. Despite being panned by critics, the box-office success of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has much to teach us about engaging people in spiritual, moral, social and cultural questions in general – and the Philosophy of Religion in particular.


thefinesthours_article_image (1)The Finest Hours: and Mission. The Finest Hours tells the true story of 33 crew members lost at sea, and the four US Coastguards who faced almost certain death as they set out on a seemingly impossible rescue mission. This is not a so-called ‘faith-based’ film but the parallels with mission undertaken by people of faith are clear, powerful, and inspirational.


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