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Captive (in UK cinemas from September 25th)

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In March 2005, Ashley Smith made headlines around the globe when she talked her way out of the hands of Brian Nichols, after he took her captive for seven hours in her home. Brian was facing trial for rape at the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia, but he had overcome his guard and grabbed her gun. He then killed the judge and other court officials before escaping on foot. Through the long dark hours of the night, after Brian had taken Ashley hostage, she read to him excerpts from The Purpose Driven Life and The Bible, which provided a message of hope for two broken people.

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Captive-Viewers-Guide-cover-DOWNLOADThis free downloadable Viewer’s Guide, written by Nick and Carol Pollard, tells some of the true story behind the film. Much of this is drawn from the book Unlikely Angel, in which Ashley Smith tells, in her own words, what happened during that fateful night. This Viewer’s Guide also includes quotations from two books that were central to the events of that night: The Purpose Driven Life and The Bible. We hope these will help you in your reflection, whether on your own or in discussion with others.

free printed copiesMost of all, we hope that this will enrich your life as you reflect upon the inspiring true story behind this powerful film.

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Common Ground

DOWNLOAD Common Ground:  mp4 (high-res)mp4 (low-res) / wmv / (help) (1 min 35 s)

Ashley Smith’s Story

DOWNLOAD Ashley Smith’s Story:  mp4 (high-res)mp4 (low-res) / wmv / (help) (2 min 22s)

Hope, Forgiveness and Redemption

DOWNLOAD Hope, Forgiveness and Redemption:  mp4 (high-res)mp4 (low-res) / wmv / (help) (1 min 30s)

Second Chances

DOWNLOAD Second Chances:  mp4 (high-res)mp4 (low-res) / wmv / (help) (1 min)

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11 thoughts on “Captive (in UK cinemas from September 25th)

  1. Definitely want to see this.


  2. Great.
    But which cinemas?


    • Perfect timing for that question! We’ve just added a “book now” link towards the top of this page. Click there, then input your postcode to find the closest cinemas showing Captive when it releases on Friday 25th Sept


  3. Not showing anywhere in the SW. Shame.


  4. Went on 2 separate occasions at cineworld in wandsworth to see the movie last Wednesday at the times they said it would be showing and it was not showing. Is there a DVD out one can purchase to show at a group meeting?


    • Patricia, we are so sorry to hear that you weren’t able to see the film when you hoped. It is still in some cinemas across the country and will be coming out on DVD, probably around January, which we hope will enable you to show it at a group meeting at that time.


  5. I would really like to be able to get a DVD copy. Has it been released yet?


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